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Day 1: Some shoes are just dangerously fun to wear

You gotta be pretty tough to take on these sky-high pumps, ladies!

Have you ever wondered how on earth women's high heel shoes got to soar to such heights?

We can credit the spike in shoe height to the Aristrocratic women of the 16th century. It was during this time that women started to wear dangerously high heels (we're talking so high they needed servants to help them walk). Believe it or not, a handful of women even fell to their death! Eventually the height of the heels became so ridiculous that a law was enforced to limit the extreme design of women’s shoes.

Today, designers still like to make outrageous footwear.  In 2010, British fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen created a 10-inch heel known as the "Armadillo" to be worn in a fashion show. Models refused to wear them because of the danger they posed.

Would you wear these babies? We're thinking there's absolutely no way trying to walk a runway with these could end well!

So there you have it, your first shoe fact of the day. Like the pumps pictured? Stop into the store to pick up a pair today or visit our online store to see what's hot!

Stay tuned each weekday for the next two weeks to see our featured shoe of the day and to learn some fun facts about our favorite accessory!

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